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Nylon Fasteners from Heyco Wiring Solutions | Bolt Products

Heyco Nylon Fastener Products

Bolt Products Inc. is an authorized Heyco Wiring Solutions distributor and supplier of Heyco fasteners. The Heyco product line offers a complete selection of nylon strain relief, wire termination and routing, terminal block, and electrical nylon fasteners. This is complimented by a complete line of nylon hole plugs and specialty line of nylon fastener plugs. We know Heyco is the brand you trust for Nylon fasteners, so contact us today for a quote.

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Liquid Tight Fittings and Conduits    ^top
Right Angle Fittings PG
Right Angle Fittings NPT
Flex I-Fittings
Flex II-Tubings
Flex V-Slit Tubing
FlexNylon Snap-In
FlexNylon Straight
FlexNylon Sweep
Flex III Halogen Free Straight
Flex IV Nylon Straight/Snap-In
Flex Mounting Brackets/Knock-Out Seals
Sealing Washers
Liquid Tight Straight-Thru Fittings
Liquid Tight Straight-Thru Fittings For Flexible Cords
Liquid Tight Pigtail Fittings
Liquid Tight Pigtail Fittings For Flexible Cords
Steel Straight Connectors - PG Thread Caps
Metal Cord Grip Fittings
PG Hub Liquid Tight Fittings - Labkit
Straight Quick Twist Connector (snap and NPT threaded)
Sweep Quick Twist Connector (snap and NPT threaded)
IEC Connectors/Components    ^top
IEC 320-C12 Power Inlet Connectors
IEC 320-C14 Snap In Power Inlet Connector
PCB Mounting Power Inlet Connector
IEC 320-C8 Low Current Power Connector
IEC 320-C8 Low Current Inlet Connector
IEC 320-C6 Low Current Power Inlet Connector
IEC 320-C13 Power Outlet Connector
IEC 320-C13 Snap-In Power Outlet Connector
IEC 320-C14 Snap-In Inlet Connector w/ Fuseholder
IEC 320-C13 Duplex Power Outlet Connector
AC Convenience Outlet
North American Receptacle Outlet--V Slotted Terminals
North American Receptacle Outlet--QD Tabs or Solid Wire
North American Receptacle Outlet
Duplex Outlet-Back Push In
Duplex Outlet-Side Wiring
AC Power Plug Assembly
AC IEC Power Plug Assembly
Safety Retainer Clip
IEC Connector Data
IEC 320 Pre-assembled Cordset Components
Tri-Tap Premold
NEMA 5-15P Pre-assembled Cordset Components
NEMA 5-15R Pre-assembled Cordset Components
Female Twist Lock Premold
Male Twist Lock Premold
IEC Connector Labkit #6
Strain Reliefs    ^top
Strain Reliefs – ALL
Lockit Strain Relief Bushings For Flat Connectors
Lockit Strain Relief Bushings
Lockit Multi Strain Relief Bushings
Lockit Strain Relief Pre-Assembly Equipment
Straight-Thru Strain Reliefs for Flat Cables
Straight-Thru Strain Relief Bushings for Flat Cables
Straight-Thru Strain Reliefs for Round Cables
Straight-Thru Strain Relief Bushings for Round Cables
Right Angle Strain Reliefs
Right Angle Strain Relief Bushings
Pigtail Strain Reliefs
Pigtail Strain Relief Bushing
Bell-Mouth Strain Relief Bushing
Knock-out Adapters for Strain Relief Bushings
Metal Strain Relief Bushings
Strain Relief Mounting Hole Punches/Plugs
Strain Relief Assembly Tools
Strain Relief Bushing Assembly Tools
European Strain Reliefs
European Strain Relief Bushings
Metal Cord Grip Fittings-Steel
Metal Cord Grip Fittings-Zinc Die Cast
Labkit #1 Part 1999 / Labkit#4 Part 2998
Bushings and Plugs    ^top
Snub/Open/Closed Bushings
Shorty Bushings
Heyco Snap Bushings
Snap Bushings
Universal/Armor Bushings
Threaded Insulating Bushings
Flexible Grommetting
Metric Dome Plugs/Snap Bushings
Dome Plugs
Halogen-Free Hole Plugs
Shorty/Double "D" Plugs
Window Plugs
Pry Out Plugs
Vent Plugs
Liquid Tight Knock-Out Seals
Glossy Plugs
Feets of Strength
Adhesive Backed Bumpers

Wire Termination    ^top
Quick Connects--Insulation Support Terminals
Quick Connects--Flag Insulation Support Terminals
Ring and Spade Terminals
Standard Appliance Terminal Blocks
Wire Protector Terminal Blocks
Barrier Terminal Blocks
Screw to 3-Tab Terminal Blocks
Screw to 2-Tab Terminal Blocks
OEM All-Plastic Wire Connectors
OEM High Temp Wire Connectors
Crimp-On Wire Connectors
Screwless Junction Box Connectors
Color Coded Wire Connectors
Wire Connector Accessories
Aluminum Solderless Connectors
Copper Lug Connectors
Wire Connector Labkit & Empty Labkit Boxes
Wire Positioning    ^top
Cable Clamps
Lockit Loops
Adhesive Backed Extruded Wire Clips
Push Mount Wire Clips
Wire Clips "J" and "C" Style
Wire Clips "U" Style
Vinyl Wire Clips
Non-Locking Adhesive-Backed Clips/Flat Wire Clips
Wire & Cable Holders
Adhesive Backed Holders
Strap Mates
Value-Line Cable Ties
Nytyes Cable Ties
Beaded Ties
Nytye Mounting Platforms
Braided Sleeving
Cable Wrap
Cordset Components / Precision Metal Stampings    ^top
Pre-Assembled Cordset Components
Pre-Assembled Cordset Components Applicator Equipment
Strain Relief Bushings
Strain Relief Pre-Assembly Equipment
Male Blades
Cordset Male Blades
Blade Ground Blade
International Blades
PC Board Blades
Male/Female Combination Terminals
Heavy Duty Terminals
Twist Lock Cordset Components
Ground Pins
Male Pins/Specialty Pins/Grade Terminals
Female Cord Connectors
Cordset Female Cord Connectors
Heater Plug Connectors/Ring/Spade Terminals
Quick-Connect Terminals
Application Equipment
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