SUBJECT: Bolt Products Inc to distribute new Concealed Trim Clips for Automated installation.

Monday, July 20,2009

Bolt Products Inc recently added a new range of trim clips or “snap fit” fasteners specifically suited for installation using automated equipment or robots.  Standard trim clips require no tooling and have been available for some years but relied on manual installation techniques. This latest generation of trim clips allow for automated installation highly advantageous to the automotive industry and a variety of other industries by reducing installation time and cost.

Trim clips have the advantage of being completely hidden, and commonly used in the automotive industry are very effective for improving cosmetic look of many types of panel frame, door, or appliance since they are neatly and conveniently concealed behind the visible panel. Bolt Products Inc engineering staff is highly experienced in devising custom solutions that use a full range of

  • Standard Trim Clips
  • High Strength Trim Clips
  • Dart Trim Clips
  • Bayonet Trim Clips
  • 1 sided trim clips

where removability, serviceability and aesthetics are key factors. The trim clips are RoHS complaint and ensure rattle free installation, yet yield to deliberate removal force. Bolt Products Inc engineering staff will assist in designing the correct trim clip solution depending on the required installed and pull out tension.

About Bolt Products Inc
Bolt Products Inc is a wholesale fastener distributor and authorized supplier of KMC stampings, Rivet King, Tinner