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Heyclip™ "U" Style Wire Clips
Heyclip™ "U" Style Wire Clips
  • The compact design combined with strong acrylic based adhesive provides a low cost means of routing a .250"(6,4mm) diameter cable or tubing.
  • Manufactured from a UL listed vinyl for fire and flame resistance.
  • Temperature range of 0°F(-18°C) to 150°F(66°C).  Clips should be stored at temperature of 60°F(16°C) to 80°F(27°C) and 50%RH (max).
  Part No.  

Part Dimensions

Description A B C D E
in.     mm. in.    mm. in.     mm. in.     mm. in.     mm. in.     mm.
.250       6,4


WCUA 250 .19        4,8 .15         3,8 .27         6,9 .42        10,7 .62        15,7
Standard Color: Black.

Heyclip™ "U" Style Wire Clips