Expander Plugs for  
Hydraulic Applications 

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KOENIG-EXPANDER® Plugs are very effective for closing drilled holes in hydraulic applications that use fluid power technology, such as integrated hydraulic circuits, or manifolds.  Koenig

The corrosion-resistant plugs for offshore and marine applications are used for drill head safeguarding and trawler fishing gear. 

The expander plugs are available in different Product Series and come with associated tools.


  • MB Series - For use in base materials of both low to high hardness with Blowout Pressure exceeds 40,000 psi. No tapping or reaming of holes required.  MB
  • LP Series - A low pressure sealing plug installed into a tapered hole. The surface-hardened but flexible plug achieves anchorage by gripping the hole wall.  LP
  • SK Series -  Anchorage is  achieved by the serrations on the outside of the sleeve anchoring into the base material, especially in soft material. Working pressure to 7,250 psi.  SK
MB Setting Tool Plug setting tool to be used with MB Series installations. mbtool
Hydropneumatic Table Press for the installation of MB Series and LP Series Koenig Sealing Plugs. 
  • Table Press with stroke control but without installation force monitoring.
  • Graph printing capabilities and data output.
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