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Wire Nuts & Accessories

Heyco® Wire Connector Accessories

Heyco® Wire Nut Connector Socket
Heyco® Wire Nut Connector Wrench

wire nut connector socket wire nut connector wrench

Part No. Description
2930 wire nut wrench
2931 wire nut socket 71,72
2932 wire nut socket 73
2933 wire nut socket 59
Wire nuts and accessories:
  • Speeds up the installation of Wire Connectors.
  • Fit any pneumatic or electrical tool with a 1/4 inch chuck or drive socket.
  • Use with 71B ®, 72B®, 73B®,59B™ Heyco OEM Wire Connectors.
  • Wire nut connector is portable and has excellent leverage to help reduce fatigue.
  • Wire nut connector speeds installation of Wire Connectors.
  • Use with 73B®, 59B®, Heyco OEM Wire Connectors.