what is quick riveting

Quick Rivet FAQ

The Modern, Faster, Low Finished Cost Successor to Blind Riveting. QuickRivets™ are permanent fasteners designed for blind or one-sided riveting in medium and high volume applications. Rivets are aligned in a paper strip called a pod or magazine so that the rivets can be automatically fed into the quickriveter. The result? Increased output, lower assembly cost and a labor saving permanent fastening solution.

Why QuickRiveting?

Increased Output

QuickRivets™ can be installed up to 4 times faster than traditional blind rivets or screws. Cycle times are limited to less than 2 seconds and installation speeds can reach up to 30 ppm (Semi-Automatic) and 60 ppm (fully automatic).

Reduced Labor

Many users require additional labor to pre-install standard rivets or screws for faster assembly. The QuickRivet™ eliminates this task by allowing the user to feed the rivets themselves. And in those applications where the user is installing the standard blind rivet or screw individually by hand, the QuickRivet™ offers the increased assembly speed because the feed of the tool occurs once per pod, as apposed to once per rivet. The increased output leads to a reduction in the number of workers required to meet the manufacturing demand of the product.

Minimal Waste, Improved Safety

Standard blind rivets have a disposable nail or mandrel that can pose a safety problem when dropped on the floor. The QuickRivet™ System employs a re-usable mandrel that can be used for up to 50K rivets. Depending on rivet size and material. The only waste generated is that of the paper pods (made of recycled paper), which again can again be recycled.

Cost Savings

Increased Output & Production Capacity, Reduced Labor Cost, Minimized Waste and Improved Safety equals overall cost savings to the user.

Improved Joint Quality & Performance

Quick Rivet Permanent fastening offers a higher clamp up value then that of screws. In addition, because of the clamping force applied, the joint is more secure when under shear and tension loads as well as resists vibration.

Fine Tuning & Flexibility

Due to the variety of rivet types, materials, front jaw assemblies, and mandrel sizes, the QuickRiveting™ System can be fine tuned to work perfectly with your application. Whether a tight clinch for good hole fill or a light clinch for use with fragile PCB's, the QuickRivet™ Tool System is completely customizable and can be interchanged for use with alterative QuickRiveting™ products on other assembly lines.

Reliability and Consistency

When the proper QuickRiveting Components are selected, you can be sure that the rivets will perform consistently both during and after assembly, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments.

Perfect For Electronic & PCB Applications

A Typical problem in standard blind riveting for electronic applications is due to the remaining portion of the nail or mandrel left in the rivet after assembly. Under the right conditions this small piece of the mandrel can fall out of the rivet into the electronic component causing an short circuit. QuickRivets™ are not affected by this condition because the mandrel is completely withdrawn from the rivet during assembly. In addition, QuickRivets™ are a great catalyst in dispersing heat generated in electronic components which makes it perfect for high temperature environments such as Heat Sinks, Rambus, Fixtures and Microchips.