Rivet Nuts

When it comes to securing metal components with precision and reliability, nothing beats the versatility and effectiveness of rivet nuts. As a leader in industrial fastening solutions, Bolt Products proudly presents a comprehensive range of rivet nuts designed to meet diverse application needs. From the innovative RIV-Float Rivet Nuts to the renowned Sherex Locsert® Rivet Nut, our collection encompasses cutting-edge solutions that ensure robust connections in various metalworking projects.

Understanding Rivet Nuts

Rivet nuts, also known as blind rivetnuts or threaded inserts, serve as threaded fasteners for metal sheets, providing a reliable anchor point for screws, bolts, or studs. They offer a practical alternative to traditional nuts and bolts, especially in situations where access to the backside of the material is limited.

Rivet Nuts Offered by Bolt Products'

At Bolt Products, we understand the importance of offering versatile and reliable fastening solutions to our customers. That's why we've curated a diverse selection of rivet nuts to cater to various industrial needs. Let's explore our comprehensive range: