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Newsletter February 4, 2016
New Fastening Clip with 
Grounding for Steel Structures
Bolt Products is your wholesale distributor for PowAR Snap® Fastening Clip for Steel Structures from ARaymond Tinnerman. 

  • UL recognized for grounding
  • Easy and tool-free fastening
PowAR Snap Clip with Grounding for Steel StructureApplications & Modules
  • Solar Panel Racks & Assemblies
  • Ground Mount
  • Industrial & Commercial Roofs
  • Framed, Portrait, Landscape           
  • Performance - UL recognized to UL 2703:
    • section 17 for Temperature Cycle Testing
    • section 18 for Humidity Testing
    • section 19 for Corrosive Atmosphere Testing
    • section 21 for Mechanical Load Testing
    • section 22 for Bonding Conductor Testing  
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost Savings
Technical Specifications
Clip Module Fastener
PowAR Snap® 90B
Part Number
SAE 1050-1065 Steel
Surface Treatment
Hot dip galvanized 60 microns thick
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (g)
Mechanical Resistance
UL recognized to UL 2703 section 21 Mechanical Load Testing
Corrosion Resistance
UL recognized to UL 2703 section 19 Corrosive Atmosphere Tests
Grounding Continuity
UL recognized to UL 2703 sections 17 ,18 and 22, Temperature Cycling, Testing, Humidity Testing and Bonding Conductor Testing, respectively
PV Module Specifications
Module with frame thickness between 1.5mm and 2.2mm (dimension A below) and minimum lip length of 16mm (dimension B below)
Rail Specifications
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