KMC Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Clamps & Clips


Bolt Products is an authorized KMC master distributor for all KMC Stampings products including clips and clamps.

KMC Stampings, a manufacturer of small to medium-volume engineered metal components, serves original equipment manufacturers with industrial-duty products that run the gamut from standard to complex. As an authorized KMC distributor, Bolt Products offers their standard product catalog, consisting of KMC clamps and clips in a wide range of styles from wiring clamps to light through heavy duty clamps, cushion tube clamps, plus a line of core expansion plugs to meet most requirements and more.

Details and data sheets are available below for KMC Stampings' standard product lines.

REACH, RoHS compliant. Made in USA

OEM applications : Agricultural -  Automotive -  Marine - Outdoor power equipment - Recreational vehicles - Appliances

If you have questions or require assistance finding the KMC Stampings product you need, please contact Bolt Products.

Light Duty KMC Clamps Medium Duty KMC Clamps Heavy Duty KMC Clamps
Light Duty Clamps Medium Duty Clamps Heavy Duty Clamps
Double Tube KMC Clamps KMC Tube Clips, Wiring Clips & Grate Clips KMC Control Cable Clips
Double Tube Clamps  Clips Frame Half Tube Control Cable Clips
KMC Expansion Plugs Grate Clips and Saddle Clips used for Anchoring Grating  
Expansion Plugs Grate Clips J Saddle Clips