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Heyco® Strain Reliefs For European Requirements 
Heyco® Strain Reliefs For European Requirements Underwriters Recognized under Underwriters' Laboratories File #E-103540
Canadian Standards Association Certified by Canadian Standards Association File #LR-81067
VDE Approval Report 9977-1490-4003/A1K

For European Strain Relief Requirements
Designed to meet those requirements wherein the strain relief device must remain attached to the chassis during cable removal or replacement.

USR Series
Will Fit These Cables Chassis Dimensions Part No. UL/CSA
D Body Length
Cross Section Approximate Size A Mounting
Hole Dia.
B Prevent Chassis
Maximum Chassis
in   mm in   mm in   mm in   mm in   mm
Round or Flat up to   up to
.400   10,2
.875   22,2 .770   19,6 .125   3,2 1724 USR-400 1.00   25,4
Flat .250x.400   6,4x10,2 1726 USR-401
Standard Color: Black
  • NEW!  Captive Acetal screw cannot be removed from nylon fastener body during cable removal or replacement (The screw forces the locking flap against the cable).
  • NEW!  Reinforcing ribs provide extra strength.
  • Nylon USR-400 series parts may help you comply with IEC Publication #335, CEE #10 and #11; VDE #0720, #0730 and others.
  • Protects your cable against the straining forces of pull, push, twist and FLEX; prevents use of larger-than-intended cord diameter.
  • Easy chassis installation: fingertip pressure locks strain relief bushing into 7/8"(22,2mm) holes with wall thickness up to .125"(3,2mm).
  • No need for separate cord guard.  The strain relief bushing cord exit features a bell-mouth contour, radiuses at 1-1/2 times the exit hole diameter.
  • Molded of type 6/6 nylon.  ASTM D-4066; flammability classification 94V-2; temperature index 125°C.   Maximum temperature on the part shall not exceed 105°C.
Heyco® Strain Reliefs For European Requirements Heyco® Strain Reliefs For European Requirements
USR-400 & USR-401 International Approvals
USR-400 & USR-401 International Approvals