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Wire Termination: Terminal Tabs, Terminal Blocks

Heyco® Barrier Terminal Blocks PA 80 Series

Heyco® Barrier Terminal Blocks PA 80 Series
Underwriters’ Laboratories Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters’ Laboratories File #E-70648.
Canadian Standards Association Certified by Canadian Standards Association File #LR-40455.
VDE Approved Report 8721-1440-1007

Wire Size Amps Poles* Part No. Desc. Terminal Tab Configuration Part Dimensions
N. Am. Europe in mm in mm in mm
12-22 4,1 20 16 1 1756 PA 80 V/F screw to 3 tabs 1.142 29,0 1.496 38,0 .433 11,0
1757 PA 80 F/F 3 tabs to 3 tabs
1758 PA 81 end plate
Standard Color: White
* Poles may be gauged as required

Heyco® Barrier Terminal Blocks PA 80 Series
  • Single pole barrier terminal block, whose inserts are ultrasonically welded into position.
  • Each pole snap-fits into the next, enabling custom number of poles to suit your application.
  • End plate PA 81 is required to effect an end barrier.
  • .250½ by .031½ (6,3 by 0,8 mm) tabs and M4 Screws are manufactured in zinc plated/passivated steel.
  • Suitable for chassis or 15 DIN 46277 rail mounting. • All types are rated at 600 volts (380 volts in Europe).
  • Molded of type 6 nylon. Flammability classification 94V-2; temperature index 105°C