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Heyco® Multi-Connectors

Find all types Heyco multi – connectors including web foot connectors, power block connectors and inline power block connectors made of brass with wire range options of 12-18 AWG. Heyco multi connectors are backed by 75 years of experience in the design and manufacture of molded wire protection products.

Part Numbers Type Material Feeds Wire Range
8070 Web-Foot Female Blade Brass Bulk 16-12 AWG
8072 Web-Foot Female Ground
8080 In-Line Power Block Female Blade 18-14 AWG
8081 In-Line Power Block Female Ground
8084 In-Line Power Block(Short) Female Blade
8085 In-Line Power Block(Short) Female Ground
8086 Power Block Female Blade 16-12 AWG
8089 Power Block Female Ground

Heyco® Multi-Connectors Heyco® Multi-Connectors

Heyco® Multi-Connectors
Heyco® Multi-Connectors
Heyco® Multi-Connectors