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Heyco® IEC-320 Pre-Assembled Cordset Components

Heyco®IEC-320 Pre-Assembled Cordset Components

  • Crimp all 3 terminals at once.            
  • Faster loading of plug molds.
  • Reduces plug molding cycle time.
  • Improves plug quality.
  • Reduces PVC usage.
  • Reduces plug cost!
  • Available assembled or unassembled.

S7602 IEC-320 Biz. Machine Assembly Black 18-14 AWG
S7780 Unassembled IEC-320 Housing Black -
S7200 Unassembled BMC IEC-320 Contact 18-14 AWG

Heyco®IEC-320 Pre-Assembled Cordset Components
Heyco® Pre-Assembled Cordset Components Applicator Equipment

Heyco®Pre-Assembled Cordset Components Applicator Equipment