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Cordset Components and Precision Metal Stampings
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Cordset Components & Precision Metal Stampings

Application Equipment

Universal Assembly Die-
Modular design allows the application of a wide variety of terminals in one die set. The top and bottom "tool packs" are replaced to apply different types of terminals.  Adjustable feed; left to right or right to left.  Adjustable stroke; fits most standard 3 and 5 ton presses.  Simple/calibrated height adjustments.
Universal Assembly Die

Rear Feed Applicator-
Designed for Heyco's new line of female disconnects.  These new applicators run in presses with strokes of 1-1/8" thru 1-1/2" including most automotive/appliance industry presses.
Rear Feed Applicator

Standard Applicator-
Available for most HEYCO terminals, this long-time favorite has rugged construction with minimal adjustments.  Fits in standard bench presses with 5" shut height and 1-1/2" stroke.  Left to right, right to left or rear feed.
Standard Applicator

Heyco Presses - (not shown) 5-ton bench with stand and mechanical foot pedal.  Thses presses are designed to run HEYCO applicators, enabling us to provide turn-key, factory tested application systems.