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Established in 1947, Bolt Products Inc. is a nut and bolt company that carries a huge inventory of fasteners of all types. Bolt Products also provides access to the eVIP warehouse of fastening products that provide wholesale fastener solutions such as nuts, bolts, rivets and more to manufacturers across the country and around the world. Our knowledgeable staff and web site "Help Me Choose" System can assist OEM engineers in the design of the fastening product your project needs or guide nut and bolt company purchasing in cost reduction.


Use the "Help Me Choose" System to Find What You Need & Request a Sample.

Bolt Products Inc. is a nut and bolt company committed to providing quality fastener products and service whether your company is next door or an ocean away.
When you need the right wholesale fastener for the lowest installed cost or simply the lowest possible cost or an order in the magnitude of millions of wholesale fasteners, Bolt Products Inc. is your nut and bolt company partner in wholesale fastener success. If you know your part number, please Request A Sample today.
At Bolt Products Inc., we are committed to having the most knowledgeable sales staff of any nut and bolt company to help guide you to make the most informed choices for your needs in a demanding world. Our web based "Help me Choose" system is one of the most advanced Product comparison and selection systems available online.
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Compliancy and Certification statement from Bolt products regarding: RoHS Compliance -WEEE Compliance - ISO 9001 Certification
Bolt Products Inc., has worked with very closely with our raw material producers in order to achieve RoHS compliance, as defined by European RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and WEEE regarding the disposal ofWaste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), as needed for those products which become part of the Supply Chain to our ultimate Customers.
We have purged our inventories to ensure that no known non-RoHS compliant materials enter this chain unknowingly. In the instance of where it is not possible to determine RoHS compliance, based on documentation alone, we have initiated a program of physical testing for RoHS compliancy, utilizing Certified Testing Facilities.
We, at Bolt Products are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally sound manner and assuring client of RoHS compliancy while striving to meet our customer’s requirements and expectations with ISO 9001 certification.
Bolt Products Inc., as a nut and bolt company Distributor has taken the lead in not only these environmental issues, as outlined inWEEE but also as an ISO Certified Supplier. We pride ourselves in our Engineering and Quality standards that for 59 years have made us a leader in the Fastener Industry. Our Customers Satisfaction and assurance of quality as defined by RoHS, WEEE, and ISO is always the driving force for all our Staff
More detailed information can be found at European Commission web site:
and the RoHS guide site