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Flag Insulation Support Terminals

Flag Insulation Support Terminals
Underwriters’ Laboratories Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters’ Laboratories File #E-137778.
Canadian Standards Association Certified by Canadian Standards Association File #LR-97795.
Part No. Material Tab Dim Material & Finish Stock Thickness Wire Size Insulation Diameter W L D
7920 .250 x .032 Brass .016 18-14 .110/.160 .300 .480 .240
7921 .250 x .032 Pre-Tinned .016 18-14 .110/.160 .300 .480 .240
Flag Insulation Support Terminals
  • Available in brass and pre-tinned brass.
  • Quick-Connects allow you to easily choose the right terminals for your application.
  • Field Tested.
  • Can be applied with your existing equipment or with Heyco applicators.
  • These applicators offer reliable nylon fastener connections semi-automatically and by integration into automated termination.
  • Most popular configurations available.
  • .250½ flag