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Heyco® Lockit™ Strain Relief Bushings
Heyco®Lockit™ Strain Relief Bushings Underwriters Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters' Laboratories File #E-15331.
Canadian Standard Association Certified by Canadian Standard Association File #LR-8919.

US Patent No. 4,913,385

  • Nylon fasteners are Assembly Friendly! Independent of insertion into the chassis, Lockit Nylon Strain Reliefs self-lock onto the cable.  Thus, they may be pre-assembled off-line for final nylon fastener assembly at a later time or remote location, for a lower installed cost!
  • Lockit SRs hold so well they pass the UL pull-out test requirement with or without chassis support.
  • Nylon fasteners protect the lifeline of your electric/electronic products by absorbing the forces of push and pull that may be exerted on the flexible power cord.  Their rectangular design eliminates the possibility of part rotation under forces of twist!
  • Lockits' three finger design securely anchors into chassis.  Five locking steps and a slim head profile make Lockits design-specific!
  • Molded of type 6/6 nylon.  ASTM D-4066; flammability classification 94V-2; temperature index 125°C. Maximum temperature on the part shall not exceed 105°C.
FOR FLAT CABLES-Rectangular Mounting Hole
Will Fit These Cables Chassis Dimensions Part
Mounting Hole Size Thickness Black
in.        mm. in.        mm. in.         mm. in.     mm.
SPT-1 18/2 .12x.22  3,0x5,6 .453 x .512
11,5 x 13,0
.032        0,8
.040        1,0
.048        1,2
.063        1,6
.099        2,5
1829 ST-100N .546  13,9
18/3 .12x.30  3,0x7,6
SPT-2 & HPN 18/2 .15x.28   3,8x7,1
16/2 .16x.30   4,1x7,6
*Same as ST-100N above(See Note) .453 x .630
11,5 x 16,0
Same As Above 1845 ST-100W .550  14,0
HPN 16/3 .16x.37   4,1x9,4 .689 x .689
17,5 x 17,5
.032         0,8
.063         1,6
.099         2,5
.126         3,2
.157         4,0
1834 ST-200N .720 18,3
SPT-2 18/3 .15x.40  3,8x10,2
16/3 .16x.41  4,1x10,4
SPT-3 18/2 .19x.35   4,8x8,9
18/3 .19x.39   4,8x8,9
16/2 .20x.37   5,1x9,4
16/3 .20x.43  5,1x10,9
14/2 .24x.42  6,1x10,7
Standard Color: Black.  White and others available at extra charge.
*Includes UL Types: HPN, SPT-2 and SPT-3 - Approximate sizes:, .12x.22in/3,0x5,6mm up to .19x.39in/4,8x9,9mm.

Heyco®Lockit™ Strain Relief Bushings Heyco®Lockit™ Strain Relief Bushings Heyco®Lockit™ Strain Relief Bushings
FOR ROUND CABLES-Rectangular Mounting Hole
Will Fit These Cables <