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Heyco® Nylon Fastener: AC Convenience Outlet

Heyco® AC Convenience Outlet
2-Wire Grounding
Terminal Tab Configuration Part No. Description Part Dimensions Mounting Hole Dimension
in mm in mm in mm in mm in mm
QD187 0979 1-15R Snap QD187 1.02 25,9 .67 17,0 .63 16,0 .14 3,6 .94 23,9 See Schematic Below
Standard Color: Black

Heyco® AC Convenience Outlet
• Snap-in, NEMA 1-15R miniature power outlet.
• Outlet installs on small electrical appliances, clocks, radios and toasters.
• Rated at 15 Amps/125 Volts.
• Molded of type 6/6 nylon. Flammability classification 94V-0; temperature index 65°C.
• UL and CSA Approved.