Bolt Products Inc. is a privately owned small business. A wholesale fastener distributor and as such, Bolt Products Inc. holds itself to the highest ethical standards, starting with our top management team, (Cheryl Cornell), President, Gary Cornell, Vice President, including our departmental team, Marty Martinez, Sales Manager, Angelina Northup, Office Manager and Brandon Oliva, Warehouse Manager. As a team we all play a vital role within the company and encourage one another to treat all employees with the upmost dignity and respect regardless of race, religion, beliefs, age, or identity. A fair and thriving working environment where everyone within the organization can grow, excel, and to be considered for a promotion, and become successful in their own way.

11 Principles of Business Ethics

1. Leadership: To make a conscious effort to adopt and integrate all principles into both our professional and personal life. Ethical leadership is about demonstrating strong moral principles that will point out wrongdoings (even when it may not benefit their business) and showing what’s right at the core of being an ethical leader. Ethical leaders set the example for the rest of the company and expect that their actions and words are respected and followed with the same convictions from their staff.

2. Accountability: To hold yourself and others responsible for their own actions and to be committed to following ethical practices, while helping others do the same. To raise any concerns and feedback about any action or policies. If this arises have an open discussion on what went wrong or what might go wrong and how to proceed with a final resolution.

3. Integrity:   We practice displaying strong adherence to moral and ethical principles and values such as honesty, honor, dependability, and trustworthiness and to uphold one’s integrity uphold a moral standard of conduct, both in professional as well as personal endeavors. Honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability. This is es