• 20 Years of Insert Experience
• Certified ISO/TS
• IATF 16949-2016 Certificate
• RoHS-Compliant 

Low Cost, High Performance and Simple as 1, 2, 3

EIS Metal Expansion Plugs

 • For use in fluid power, automotive, industrial, aerospace and machine tool applications
 • Blowout pressure exceeds 40,000 psi
 • Easy installation
 • No tapping or reaming of holes required
 • All metal, single piece assembly
 • Special sizes upon request

EIS Product overview



Engineered Inserts and Systems, Inc. is pleased to introduce their new EIS Expansion Plug product line.

The EIS expansion plug is a one piece all metal assembly. It is used to permanently plug and seal auxiliary construction holes in pneumatic and hydraulic components and systems. The EIS expansion plug is inserted into an as- drilled hole and the expander ball is driven into the plug sleeve. The independent sealing rings become anchored into housing material and permanently plug and seal the hole.

This economic plugging system eliminates the need for costly tapping or reaming, machining for “O” rings, and the use of tapes or sealants. In addition to the low plug and hole preparation cost, EIS can further reduce your total plugging costs, with standard or custom automated installation equipment.

Additional EIS Resources

EIS Sealing Plugs Part Number Conversion Chart
EIS • KVT • Koenig-CV • Farmington 

EIS Sealing Plugs Pressure Performance
The values offered are to be used as a guideline. The base metal chosen for your specific application, the surface treatment, hole size and surface finish all affect seal performance. Please contact us for additional information.

EIS Design Guidelines
Minimum wall thickness and distance from an edge.

Installation instructions for various types of EIS Sealing Plugs:

RST Pullplug Installation 
RS Sealing Plugs
Installation Instructions for 11, 31, 33, 34, 53 and 88 Series Sealing Plugs