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Aluminum Solderless Connectors

Aluminum Solderless Connectors Aluminum Solderless Connectors

Underwriters’ Laboratories Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters’ Laboratories File #E-80121.
Canadian Standards Association Certified by Canadian Standards Association File #LR-211101.

Part No. Desc. Height With Max. Wire Part Dimensions
Bolt Size
in mm in mm in mm in mm
6-14 1863 A35 1/2 12,7 3/8 9,5 1-1/16 27,0 1/4.172 6,44,4
2-14 1864 A90 9/16 14,3 1/2 12,7 1-5/32 29,4
  • Made from high strength, high Conductivity 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
  • Compact design–lightweight yet strong. • Requires no special installation tools.
  • Electro-tin plated for low contact resistance and corrosion protection when used with copper conductors.
  • Ports are marked with catalog description and conductor range.
  • UL and CSA certified for use with copper and aluminum conductors.