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Stainless Steel Marking for Cable Ties

PKS - Stainless Steel Marking

  • Complete marking system for cables, hoses, pipes and components. 
  • Single-character and multi-character markers which can be combined on site. 
  • Made of acid-resistant stainless steel for aggressive environments and resistance to fire damage. 
  • Alternatively, marking can be carried out on site with the help of easy-to-use single-characters, supplied either in refill packs or in complete sets. 
  • Enhanced durability and top quality. 
  • All marking information on one marker carrier gives substantial reduction in marking cost per mounted character.

General information


The system comprises marker carriers with holes at either end or as raised bridges for direct threading of steel cable ties, enabling rapid fitting.

Single-character markers are threaded and combined over the carrier, and fixed over its bottom edge.

For multi-character marking, text is stamped on the marker carriers themselves, to form complete multi-character markers. Marker carriers can be stamped with permanent text that can then be combined with single-character markers.


Single-character markers:

0– 9, A– Z, Å, Ä, Ö, special characters and symbols.

Multi-character markers:

alphanumeric characters 0 – 9, A – Z, Å, Ä, Ö, special characters and symbols with customized text arranged in either one, two, three or four rows.