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Flexicon Conduit/Tubing Mounting Clips

With Integral Closure

  • For use with 1/4 thru 3/8" Flexicon corrugated conduit/tubing,
  • Suitable for use with both fine and/or coarse pitch conduit/tubing.
  • For mounting Flexicon corrugated conduit or tubing securely into place, vertically or horizontally.
  • Only fingertip pressure is required to snap conduit or tubing into bracket.
  • Suitable for use by original equipment manufacturers.
  • Low profile design for space savings and pleasing appearance.
  • Recommended distance between brackets at intervals not greater than 3 feet (914 mm) as required by Article 351-27 of 1996 NEC.
  • Use one standard #10 (4-5M) screw for attaching bracket to panel or chassis (screw not included).
  • Resists salt water, weak acids, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease, and common solvents. This feature is not assessed by UL certification or testing.
  • Can be easily opened for temporary access/removal and closed again to secure conduit.

UL Recognized Components.

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