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Cushion Clamps - Wiring & Tube Clamps, Extruded Liner - Series COL

Stainless Steel or Galvanized  Cushion Clamps / Vinyl Dipped Clamps - COL Series 

Closed Type - Furnished Open

Vinyl Dipped Cushioned Clamps are galvanized steel clamps dipped in black vinyl. They are constructed for extreme durability even under the harshest conditions. A screw hole allows users to close the clamp around hoses, wires, pipes, and more, and then mount them to a wall or other surface.

Extruded liner tube clamps and wiring clamps have EPDM cushion added for protection and durability. Stainless steel clamps available, as well as neoprene or silicone cushions. These extruded liner tube clamps and wiring clamps are offset in lower leg (through 2.75" clamping diameter) to allow flush surface mount.

Material: HD Galvanized Steel Clamp, Chem-Treated G90, Per ASTM A653/A653M
Cushion: Black Vinyl Dipped Clamp, 1/32" Thick
COV-CO: Parts Have One Round and One Slotted Hole
EPDM for temperature range from -50 to 212F degrees. 

Cushion clamps have a unique long-lasting and protective cushion that allows protection from marring and corrosion. These clamps can be used for a variety of pipe surfaces, such as wood, metal and plastic, but are specially recommended for the clamping and suspension of non-insulated pipes.
Using this type often makes clamping easy as it allows a slight difference in pipe size to be compensated due to the flexibility of the cushion.

Cushion clamps prevent corrosion and absorb vibrations and shock. Additionally, these clamps provide noise reduction which may be beneficial during construction. 

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KMC’s most popular clamp for holding wiring and tubes. These medium duty clamps can be used to meeting a wide variety of needs. Furnished open to allow the clip to be snapped over wiring or tube, then closed with the bolt at assembly. Contoured to minimize distortion during clamping.

Closed Type - Furnished Open
Material: HD Galvanized Steel Clamps, Chem Treated G90, Per ASTM A653/A653M
Parts Have One Round and One Slotted Hole

kmc_stampings_clip_image011_0001  Download PDF data sheet (315KB) Wiring Clamps and Tube Clamps, Medium Duty drawings and specifications

Galvanized Steel Clamps

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