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Heyco-Flex I - Liquid Tight Conduit

Flexible, Nonmetallic Liquid Tight Electrical Conduit
  • 3/8 thru 2" trade sizes.
  • Use with nylon Heyco-Flex Connectors; Snap-in, Straight or Sweep. See pages 0-18, 0-19, 1-20.
  • May also be used with Heyco’s Die Cast Fittings for Liquid Tight Conduit. See page 0-23 or 0-24.
  • Resists corrosion, abrasion, oil, water, acid, metal shavings, and rough environments.
  • Resists abuse, pull, and crushing.
  • Temperature ratings : 80°C (203°F) DRY 70°C (160°F) OIL Resistance 60°C (140°F) WET locations
  • Passes submersion test of 70 psi.
  • Mounting brackets are available.
  • Smooth inside for easier wire pulling; no hazardous sharp edges or burrs; will not damage conductors.
  • Lightweight and lower installed cost.
  • Quick installation; cuts with utility knife, PVC cutter or Heyco cutting tool (#8340).
  • Integral rigid and flexible PVC construction.
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use :
    - HVAC Equipment
    - Machine Tools
    - Marine Equipment
    - Motors and Controls
    - Printing Equipment
    - Pumps
    - Refrigeration Equipment
    - Approved for direct burial.
  • Order Part No. 8340, VF-28 Cutting Tool, for cutting Heyco-Flex conduit and tubing cleanly and evenly.
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