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Bolt Products is your wholesale supplier for clamps and cable clips. We carry a wide selection of tube clamps, half pipe clips, center mount clips, galvanized steel clamps, stainless steel clamps, cushion clamps, J-clips and more. 


Double Pipe Clamps - CMV-CM series and Half Pipe Clips - CHV-CH
Double Tube Clamps - CDV-CD and other series
Light Duty Clamps - Series CFV-CF (Flared) and Series CWV-CW (Wiring & Tube)
Medium Duty Tube Clamps - Series COV-CO and Series COL (cushion clamp, extruded liner)
Heavy Duty Clamps - CCV-CC series
Tube Clamps - COV-CO, COL series
Galvanized Steel Clamps - various

The clamps have varous features; cushion clamps (or cushioned clamps), galvanized steel clamps and stainless steel clamps among them. These KMC products and others in this family are ideal solutions for attaching, supporting, and mounting cables, tubes, conduits, hoses, wires, and wire harnesses. Browse for the right clamp or clip for your project below.

Looking for Clips?

Control Cable Clips - Series SM / MW / BW