SB 1250-16 BLACK


SB 1250-16 BLACK
Color Black
Description SB 1250-16
Max. Thickness [inches] 0.125
Max. Thickness [mm] 3.2
Mounting Hole Diameter [inches] 1.25
Mounting Hole Diameter [mm] 31.8
Inside Diameter - A [inches] 1
Inside Diameter - A [mm] 25.4
Head Diameter - B [inches] 1.31
Head Diameter - B [mm] 33.2
Overall Height - C [inches] 0.453
Overall Height - C [mm] 11.5
Material 6/6 Nylon
Certifications Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters' Laborato
Material Temperature Index 125ºC - Maximum temperature on the part shall not exceed 105ºC
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