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Open/Closed Universal Bushings

  • Split design allows side entry and encirclement of preassembled harnesses, capillary tubes or other assemblies that have segments larger than the bushing’s ID.
  • Parts can be assembled into holes that already contain cables or tubing.
  • Only fingertip pressure required to snap-lock the bushing into its mounting hole.
  • Flexible shutters" adjust to accommodate and support any shape from .125" to a maximum diameter of 1.062".
  • Absorbs vibration, cushions and insulates cables, tubing, hoses or shafts with limited internal clearance.
  • Available in 9 sizes for use in 1/2" (12.7 mm) to 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) diameter holes.
Locking fingers in fractional increments up to the maximum panel thickness."
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