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RDD Round Wire Lockit - US Patent No. 4913385

The next generation in Strain Relief
  • Installs with fingertip pressure into an easily punched standard round or Double D" strain relief hole. (No clumsy hand tools required!)
  • Automated application equipment speeds assembly and lowers costs while reducing or eliminating repetitive manual assembly motions.
  • Can be preassembled onto wire since chassis insertion isn’t required to keep it LOCKED on the wire.
  • Multiple panel locking steps snug lockit strain relief into range of panel thicknesses up to .157".
  • Recognized (far exceeds UL’s 35# pull-out test).
  • 94V-2 flammability rating.
  • Black, white, and custom colors available.
  • Heyco automated assembly equipment.
  • For matching plugs which can be used to fill/blank unused mounting holes.
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