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Tinnerman® Flat-Type Fasteners Rectangular


Flat-Type Washers - Regular

The Flat-Type Speed Nut fastener is the basic design from which thousands of Speed Nut Brand Fasteners have been developed.

Flat-Type Speed Nut Fasteners are one-piece, self-locking, heat-treated, spring-steel fasteners that replace threaded nuts, lockwashers and spanner washers. On many applications, they eliminate time consuming assembly operations. Fast and easy to apply, Speed Nut Fasteners provide maximum holding power at minimum cost per fastener. They never shake loose from vibration, yet can be easily loosened when desired, without worry about rust-frozen screw threads.

How to apply Flat-Type Speed Nut Fasteners

Hold Speed Nut in desired position with prongs pointing outward, toward fingers. Start screw through Speed Nut impression.

Press Speed Nut firmly against panel and drive screw. Finger pressure is sufficient to prevent Speed Nut turning as screw is driven.

The Dimensions of the following parts are envelope dimensions only. For complete design information, please request a blueprint from your Tinnerman Palnut representative or the Tinnerman Palnut Engineering Department.

Metric Parts listed in italic
Screw Size 2-56
Design Variation Std.
Length (A) 0.38
Width (b) 0.22
Material Thickness (s) 0.01