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Self-Anchoring Nut Retainers

Tinnerman® Self-Anchoring Nut Retainers offer the same advantages as the preceding Nut Retainers; i.e., high strength, easy to apply for blind fastening locations, self-retention, etc. In addition, this variety provides a unique feature which firmly locks the fastener in the panel, distributing the driving torque through the surround panel area.

This is accomplished with a T-shaped captive nut, cleverly devised locking tabs, and mounting legs. It cannot be accidentally dislodged even with excessively rough handling. However, should thread damage occur due to cross-threading or over torqueing, it can be deliberately removed without damage to panel or finish.

Self-Anchoring Nut Retainers are recommended for applications where fasteners with less permanent retention are apt to be lost due to stacking butting or rough handling of panels on the production line.
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