Self-Retaining Speed Nuts

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Self-retaining speed nuts, also known as self retainers and spring clips, are the only fastening devices that provide a compensating thread lock as well as a self-energizing spring lock. Two distinct forces are exerted on the fastening screw as the self retaining speed nut is tightened.

Tinnerman® and Palnut® Single-Thread Engaging Self Retaining Speed Nuts®, allow assemblers to easily snap them into screw-receiving position. This makes them preferred by assemblers among self retainers available. In addition, these spring clip fasteners offer all the benefits of the Self-Locking Speed Nuts®; that is:

  • A unique dual locking spring clip action.
  • Ease of application and reduced assembly time.
  • Resistance to loosening from vibration.
  • Maximum holding power with minimal installation torque required.

Ideal for blind assembly or hard-to-reach installation, the self retaining speed nuts come in numerous standard designs and special variations. Contact Bolt Products to request a quote for self retaining speed nuts today.