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Metric - Wide Panel U-Type Fasteners

The innovative extension of the Tinnerman U-Nut product line accommodates a wide range of panelthickness from 0.5 mm to 4.0 mm. A single uMAX Wide Panel SPEEDNUT® can replace as many as 2 to3 standard u-nuts.

The thread engaging member of the uMAX SPEEDNUT® is uniquely designed toremain perpendicular to the bolt. This feature reduces strip-outs, increases joint integrity, and preventspanel damage caused by misalignment.

The uMAX SPEEDNUT® is hinged at two points, reducinginsertion efforts.

Tapped barrel versions of the parts are now available in metric thread sizes of M5 x .8,M6 x 1.0, and M8 x 1.25. Tinnerman also offers a single thread engaging uMAX SPEEDNUT® for “lighterduty” applications.
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