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Standard Twin-Type Fasteners

Twin-Type Speed Nut Fasteners offer tremendous advantages over individual threaded nuts, lock and spanner washers on assemblies which have fastening locations in pairs. They are faster and easier to apply with only a single fastener to handle where four to six pieces are ordinarily required. Once the screws are started, the Speed Nut cannot turn, thereby eliminating the need for a wrench. This leaves both hands free to drive the screws into a properly locked position. Twin types are available in a wide range of screw sizes and center-to-center dimensions.

The Twin-Type is held in screw-receiving position and the screws are started by hand. No wrench is needed to hold the Speed Nut while the screws are driven tight. A center clearance hole is provided on some Twin-Types to allow the fastener to be riveted in screw-receiving position for blind location fastening.
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