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Metric Self-Aligning U-Type Fasteners - Type I

Self-Align U-Type Fasteners overcome panel aligning problems on fast moving assembly lines. they snap quickly into position on metal or plastic panels, etc., and instantly align with power driven screws. No drift pins or forced alignment is necessary, eliminating the delays they entail and the risks of hole or panel damage and expensive scrap loss.

One-piece self-retaining, they combine stamped fastener convenience and economy with multiple thread strength and reliability. The S-shaped spring steel retainer has generous elongated mounting holes that permit up to 1/4 The trapped sliding member incorporates a patented extruded configuration that provides high torque installation and withstands unusually high clamp loads. Prevailing torque on the screw is inherent in the design. The screw will not loosen due to vibration, panel set or migration.
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