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Tinnerman® Expansion-Type Fasteners

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Expansion Nut

Expansion-Type Speed Nut Fasteners
provide fast, vibration-resistant attachments in blind or center- panel locations where only one side is accessible. They snap easily into square or round holes and are self retained by spring legs. Special locking tabs are provided where permanent fastener retention is desired.

As the screw is driven, it expands the spring legs, locking them over the panel thickness and at the same time providing a double-locking action on the screw. These easy to apply fasteners require no special sills or equipment to insall, can be used in place of weld-, clinch- or stake-type fasteners. Applied before or after painting, they will not clog - do not require masking. And, they can be safely applied after procelainizing.

The Dimensions of the parts listed are envelope dimensions only. For complete design information, please contact us.

Metric parts listed in italic


Material: All parts are Spring Steel, heat treated, unless otherwise specified. The only variations available are those shown with suffix letters in the part number.

  • SS - Stainless Steel
  • BE - Beryllium Copper
  • P - Phosphor Bronze
Material: Spring Steel
Screw Size: 6A
Panel Range (P): .045-.065
Design Variation: E
Length (A): 0.4
Width (b): 0.32
Height (E): 0.26
Width of Spring Arms (J): 0.24
Panel Hole (G): .290-.296
Material Thickness (T): 0.025
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