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Standard Taptite - Tapping Only

Some materials are referred to as “notch sensitive.” This means that notches, such as cut threads, almost totally destroy the strength characteristics of the material. In these materials formed threads such as generated by Taptite can alleviate this problem.Taptites only deform material by cold working and not by removing material by cutting. The Tri-roundular shape of Taptite is the key to its ability for form threads.The high areas, referred to as the “lobes” do the actual material deforming or thread forming and the flats between the “lobes” provide the needed relief for the material being moved. This relief facilitates material flow by providing more area for displaced material to move than just between the flanks of the thread. The Tri-roundular configuration extends the entire length of the Taptite in contrast to most other thread forming screws which have a forming configuration only of the first two or three threads at the point. This is the reason for Taptites generally lower driving torque as compared to other thread formers.

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