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RIV-FLOAT® Metric Sizes Large Flange Series

Introducing the next generation of fastening technology; an innovative rivet nut with internally floating threads called:



The internally floating threads on RIV-FLOAT® allow for component attachments in off center applications and can accommodate for tolerance stack up in the manufacturing process. The floating nut (.020” radial float) aligns to drive the angle of the screw virtually eliminating cross threading and spin out. 

RIV-FLOAT® was designed for post installation in applications where cage nuts, clinch nuts, floating nut plates or weld nuts are typically used.

  • .020" radial float
  • Large (RFL) and Small (RFK) Flange series available
  • Mechanically Locked version available
  • Installed with FLEX-5 Hydro-Pneumatic tool with RIV-FLOAT®nose assembly
  • Zinc Electroplated to 8µm with trivalent chromate - 96/240