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Standard Grooveless Retainer Rings

Grooveless Retainer Rings are a versatile solution for affixing a panel to an unthreaded shaft.  These are a special type of retaining ring designed for a smooth unthreaded shaft or stud without needing a groove.

The unique thinwall construction forms a tight grip that will not spring loose or come free. Maximum holding power is provided by a full 360 degrees of bearing surface. The rings can be inserted onto shafts, or any round shape under a two inch diameter.  These retaining rings are the essential part of the unthreaded stud assembly.  These Retaining Rings can replace such parts as snap or bearing rings and cotter pins.  Grooveless retaining rings remove the need for other high-cost operations, such as spinning, cementing, staking, heat forming, swaging, ultrasonics, coining, or upsetting.

Their compact and thin designs minimize the space needed for these part. Wall dimensions as thin as .024" make this type of retainer ring ideal for limited access locations. A grooveless retainer ring (stainless steel fastener) needs as little as .032" of shaft or stud extension for full anchor.

Tinnerman Grooveless Retaining Rings are made from 300 series stainless steel, offer superior corrosion resistance.  No additional finish and handling operations are typically required.  A variety of finish options are available if required.


Listed below are the different sizes and variations available.  If the required sizes is not listed below, we can have it made for a one-time set up charge.  Just send us the dimensions needed and we can provide a quote.

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