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Brass Molded Inserts for Plastics - B1M - Unified Thread

Brass molded threaded Inserts for plastics ensure the longevity and integrity of bolted joints in applications by providing reusable threads. Typically double the diameter of a screw, these inserts increase the shear surface fourfold, significantly enhancing the load-carrying capacity of the bolted plastic joint compared to a joint without a metal threaded Insert. This design prevents thread stripping during screw installation into plastic, allowing the application of the appropriate installation torque.

Moreover, threaded Inserts for plastics offer permanent creep resistance along the entire load path of the thread, preventing loosening and maintaining a durable tightly threaded connection. The installation torque can be applied without damaging the threads, a common issue when screws are directly installed into plastic.

Trough hole Class 2B per ANSI/ASME B1.1

  • Since 1975 Sherex Industries has been providing quality industrial products to America's largest Companies.Quality is a priority with Sherex and we are proud that the brass inserts for plastics are manufactured under theQS9000/ISO9001 certificates.

    Applications for the Threaded Inserts For Plastic vary from communication equipment, the automotive industry,computer industry, and anywhere where strong durable threads are required in plastics.
Molded in place into plastics.
Two primary categories of plastics suitable for brass molded threaded insert installation are thermosets and thermoplastics. Thermosets undergo an irreversible chemical change upon formation and cannot be reformed, requiring Molded-In, Press-In, or Self-Tapping Inserts. Examples of thermosets include Bakelite, epoxies, urea, and polyester resins.

On the other hand, thermoplastics, such as ABS, polyamide (e.g., Nylon 6-6), PVC, and polycarbonate (PC), become soft and melt at elevated temperatures but regain rigidity at normal temperatures. Press-In, Self-Tapping, Heat/Ultrasonic, and Molded-In Inserts are suitable for this category of plastics.

Bolt Products’ Threaded Inserts for Plastics are designed to optimize rotational torque and tensile (pull-out) performance, with attention to knurl and thread quality for enhanced functionality. The company offers a comprehensive range of inserts to match installation methods, plastic types, and performance requirements. For customers requiring installation equipment, Bolt Products’ provides a standard, comprehensive line of Insert Installation Equipment, ranging from manual to fully automatic modules, with or without fixturing, to support various Threaded Insert assembly requirements.

Key Features of Brass Molded Inserts for Plastics

Brass molded Inserts for plastics offer several key features that make them essential for enhancing the performance and longevity of bolted joints in various applications. These features contribute to improved load-carrying capacity, ease of installation, and overall reliability:

Enhanced Load-Carrying Capacity with Brass Construction: Brass Molded Inserts provide robust threads, enhancing the load-carrying capacity of bolted plastic joints. The use of brass ensures strength and durability in various applications.

Prevention of Thread Stripping and Secure Installation: The larger diameter of Brass Molded Inserts allows for the application of optimal installation torque without the risk of thread stripping. This feature ensures a secure and reliable threaded connection in plastic assemblies.

Permanent Creep Resistance for Long-Term Stability: The brass threads offer permanent creep resistance, preventing loosening over time. This feature ensures a consistently tight and stable connection throughout the lifespan of the application.

Compatibility with Thermoset and Thermoplastic Plastics:

Thermoset Plastics: Brass Molded Inserts are suitable for tough and heat-resistant thermoset plastics, such as Bakelite, epoxies, urea, and polyester resins. They support Molded-In, Press-In, or Self-Tapping Insert installation methods tailored to the characteristics of these plastics.

Thermoplastics: Designed for rigid thermoplastics like ABS, polyamide (e.g., Nylon 6-6), PVC, and polycarbonate (PC), these inserts accommodate various installation methods, including Press-In, Self-Tapping, Heat/Ultrasonic, and Molded-In.

Optimized Rotational Torque and Tensile Performance: Brass Molded Inserts are precision-engineered to optimize rotational torque and tensile (pull-out) performance, ensuring reliability and consistent functionality across different applications.

Comprehensive Line and Application Support from Bolt Products: Bolt Products offers a comprehensive line of Brass Molded Inserts for Plastics, providing a range of options to suit diverse installation methods, plastic types, and performance requirements. Additionally, We offer Application Engineering Assistance for personalized guidance in selecting the appropriate insert, including recommendations for hole size, tolerance, and boss diameter specific to the assembly and mating components.
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