Total Automation Push On Fasteners

Cap Nut Fasteners
Bowes Manufacturing's Push-on Cap Nut Fasteners provide an attractive and secure means of capping exposed shaft, axle or stud ends. Bowes' Cap Nut fasteners are available in four different cap nut designs that are all easy to install push on fasteners. All our cap nut fasteners can be painted to match the color of your products for decorative purposes.
Benefits of Bowes Manufacturing Cap Nut Fasteners
  • Six contact points on the cap nut fastener to bite hard on the shaft circumference holding it under vibration resistant live spring tension.
  • Easy to install push on fastener design.
  • Cap nuts are available in a wide range of sizes and designs.
embossed, standard and deep draw cap nut styles
The wide diameter of the cap nut acts as a spanner washer, distributing the holding power of the fastener over a wide area around the stud. Cap nut fasteners have six point contact (available for most stud diameters) on the shaft circumference, assuring maximum holding power and resistance to loosening by vibration. Within the styled aluminum cap is a tempered spring steel or optional stainless steel insert which grips the shaft or stud. The single O.D. design allows the fastest possible assembly with minimum part handling and stock inventory. Cotter pins, washers, threading and drilling operations are eliminated.
Uses for Cap Nut Fasteners
Cap Nut Fasteners have been successfully used in a variety of OEM applications including building insulation, ship insulation, light wheeled toys, stereo cabinetry wiring, retaining electrical wires within panels, automotive emblems and more.
Cap Nut Fasteners Sizes and Designs
Bowes' Aluminum Push-On Cap Nut Fasteners are available in several attractive cap designs (AS, AE, AD and AW) as shown for stud sizes ranging from .080" to .500".
Stud Dia Cap Style Cap Style Cap Style Cap Style
Cap Nut Fastener Sizes and Styles
.080 AS AE AD AW
.109 AS AE AD AW
.145 AS AE AD AW
3/16 AS AE AD AW