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Lock Washer

The DISC-LOCK Washer, specifically designed to solve the problem of fastener failure, is a heavy duty structural self-locking product, which prevents loosening caused by shock or vibration in high stress applications. It is probably the most effective locking device for maintaining joint integrity in the world. This washer is preassembled in glued in pairs for ease of installation. New Delta Protekt coating is tested under 600 hours of salt spray. 

The Disc-Lock Washer outperforms all other types of loose, washered, threaded or pinned systems in a
wide range of high stress, corrosive and vibration sensitive applications including
  • Automotive Industries - cars,trucks, buses
  • _x0002_ Compressors
  • _x0002_ Construction
  • _x0002_ Cranes
  • _x0002_ Farm Equipment
  • _x0002_ Foundries
  • _x0002_ Go-Kart Racing
  • _x0002_ Heavy Equipment
  • Manufacturers
  • _x0002_ Logging Equipment
  • _x0002_ Marine Installations
  • _x0002_ Military
  • _x0002_ Mining
  • _x0002_ Oil Drilling Rigs
  • (On and Off-shore)
  • _x0002_ Pile Hammers
  • _x0002_ Pipelines
  • _x0002_ Public Utilities
  • _x0002_ Quarrying
  • _x0002_ Rail Engineering
  • _x0002_ Rapid Transit Systems
  • _x0002_ Refineries
  • _x0002_ Rock Hammers
  • _x0002_ Steel Mills
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