“G” Nut Retainer by Tinnerman Brings Quality, Reliability and Cost Savings to Electronic Cabinet Assembly

C31758 is a special “G” nut retainer developed by Tinnerman expressly for electronic chassis and cabinet assembly. This nut retainer brings important benefits to the assembly line.

·         Top Quality Material

·         High Manufacturing Standards

·         Superior Strength and Reliability

·         Dependable, Long Service Life

Mounted to simple stringers of flanged panels, the G nut retainer fastener either clips over the flange and locks in place in the mounting hole, or slides laterally along the stringer until it aligns with the desired mounting hole. A special extrusion on the nut retainer’s mounting leg snaps into the mounting hole to provide positive retention until the screw can be driven.

The C31758 “G” nut retainer eliminates the need for multiple tapped holes in the frame member for an important reduction in manufacturing costs. The fastener This specially-designed Tinnerman nut retainer simply locates inserts into a pre-punched hole providing a reliable screw anchor point. The cage fully encloses the nut and serves as a shield against protruding raw screw ends.

Available for either #10-32 or M508 metric screw sizes, these Tinnerman “G” Nut Retainer fasteners are fully serviceable and can be removed, relocated and re-used.

Below are the G-nut retainer part numbers and specs. Tinnerman G-Nut Retainer fasteners available from Bolt Products, Inc:

Nut Retainers, G-Type


Part Number


Thread Size

For Panel Thickness

Center of Hole to Panel Ed