Shoulder Bolts

Shoulder Bolts
Shoulder bolts
Allow slide or pivot.
SHOULDER BOLTS and METRIC SHOULDER BOLTS are and can be often used a pivot points. These bolts allow for the application to move, slide and even twist in some applications. Shoulder bolts can also be used as a point where bearing surfaces join other surfaces.

Shoulder bolts allows for different parts of machines, wood, metals and other applications to slide over, rotate, assemble to or they can even be used as a stopping mechanism.

The shoulder feature of the shoulder bolt may also act like an alignment feature in some applications when they are used. The cold headed process allows for producing high strength shoulder bolts to be used in these vigorous applications.

Other bolt types available at BOLT PRODUCTS INC:

- square or domed top with square under head
• Anchor bolts - extended connections with handle
• Carriage bolts - domed top with square under head
• Flange bolts - ridge around the bolt head
• Hex bolts - hex head of various materials
• Hex tap bolts - trimmed hex head with no flange
• Lag bolts - screw like pointed end
• Machine bolts - fine or coarse threads
• Metric bolts - available in Hex/Standard/Flange type
• Square neck bolts

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Shoulder Bolts , Metric Shoulder Bolts