Large Diameter Metric Bolts

Bolt Products Inc. keeps a complete selection of large diameter metric bolts and metric hex nuts in stock with sizes of nuts and washers ranging from M30-M42. From start to finish, we will provide you with the all of the documentation you need and be sure to deliver your metric bolt and/or hex nut order to your exact specifications. large diameter metric fasteners

Bolt Products Inc. is a Master stocking source for the most commonly demanded structural and nonstructural metric bolts and metric fasteners with sizes of nuts and washers ranging from M30-M42.

  • Bolt Products Inc. has partnerships globally with pre-qualified, audited suppliers of metric bolts, metric hex nuts, and several other kinds of metric fasteners.
  • We offer complete product, process, and material traceability.
  • We will leverage our international sourcing and logistics expertise to get you the best value.
  • Product quality will always be verified before shipment by Bolt Products Inc.’s internal lab.
  • We also offer product and application engineering services!