Hex Tap Bolts: Tapping Screws

Hex Tap bolts
Trimmed hex head with no flange.
HEX TAP BOLTS, also known as tapping screws, feature a trimmed hex head with a no flange face. Tapping screws are commonly used for boatbuilding and exterior woodworking applications. Tapping screws are offered in a variety of types and sizes. Hex tap bolts have a smooth body with threading on the end.

Thread length is roughly twice the diameter of the shank. Some tapping screws have more threading depending on the length and manufacturer. They are normally installed with flat washers and a hex nut.

Hex tap bolts are made from a variety of types and grades to suffice for the abundance of applications hex tap bolts are used. Below are just a couple of the common bolts types.

Common Bolt & Tapping Screw Types

  • Stainless steel bolts / tapping screws: Great corrosion resistance for boatbuilding, but not below the waterline.
  • Hardened steel bolts / tapping screws: Used for woodworking but in an environment where corrosion resistance in needed.
Hex tap bolts can be coated with a multiple types of corrosion resistant film to add more applications.

Other bolt types available at BOLT PRODUCTS INC: