Serrated Flange Fasteners

Serrated Flange Locking Fasteners

Serrated Flange Screw

Bolt Products Inc.’s 120M Case Hardened Serrated Flange Locking Bolts:

  • Provides the strength and toughness of a Grade 5 screw
  • Permits multiple re-uses
  • Added strength to locking teeth
  • Increased wear resistance

When buying a serrated flange bolt, be sure that you compare the quality and value of the Bolt Products’ “120M” design to what the competition offers. If you are currently providing a standard grade 5 serrated flange locking screw you are not offering a product that has the locking ability, toughness and quality that Bolt Products Inc.’s line of 120M serrated flange screws provide.

Our 120M product is superior and here is why:

The Bolt Products Inc. 120M line adds to the strength and durability of a grade 5 (120,000 psi) screw with the wear resistance and torsional strength that a case hardened surface provides. Bolt Products Inc. case hardens the surface of our 120M line to provide added toughness and greater resistance to rounding of the teeth than a standard grade 5 product provides.

The increased surface strength that the case hardening process provides results in tougher stronger teeth that “Bite” into the material they are tightened against. Wi