Serrated Flange Fasteners

Serrated Flange Locking Fasteners

Serrated Flange Screw

Bolt Products Inc.’s 120M Case Hardened Serrated Flange Locking Bolts:

  • Provides the strength and toughness of a Grade 5 screw
  • Permits multiple re-uses
  • Added strength to locking teeth
  • Increased wear resistance

When buying a serrated flange bolt, be sure that you compare the quality and value of the Bolt Products’ “120M” design to what the competition offers. If you are currently providing a standard grade 5 serrated flange locking screw you are not offering a product that has the locking ability, toughness and quality that Bolt Products Inc.’s line of 120M serrated flange screws provide.

Our 120M product is superior and here is why:

The Bolt Products Inc. 120M line adds to the strength and durability of a grade 5 (120,000 psi) screw with the wear resistance and torsional strength that a case hardened surface provides. Bolt Products Inc. case hardens the surface of our 120M line to provide added toughness and greater resistance to rounding of the teeth than a standard grade 5 product provides.

The increased surface strength that the case hardening process provides results in tougher stronger teeth that “Bite” into the material they are tightened against. Without the added bite that the case hardening process provides the tips of the teeth can roll over and become dull when tightened, thus compromising the locking ability.

120 M Case Hardened Serrated Flange Locking Bolts

With standard grade 5 locking screws the lock may not be as tight as you think. When locking bolts are used to clamp steel on steel you want the added strength that the case hardening provides so that the teeth can bite into and truly grip the bearing surface to resist rotation.

Serrated  Flange Locking Screws Sizes

Flange Bolts are named by the ridge or skirt around the bolt head. A flange bolt is designed to provide the holding power as if a washer was installed. The skirt acts as a distributor of the entire clamping load. Flange bolts help make jobs easier and faster with their multi-feature function.

Flange bolts are made from a variety of types and grades to suffice for the abundance of applications flange bolts are used in. Below are just a few of the common bolt types, including stainless steel bolts.

  • Carbon and alloy steel bolts: Have a high temperature stress and may become brittle below 65 F.
  • Cadmium plated bolts: Probably the best option to withstand all types of environments and conditions.
  • Zinc chromate bolts: Close to the same properties as cadmium plated but not as expensive.
  • Anodized aluminum and stainless steel bolts: Made to resist corrosion.
Other bolt types available at BOLT PRODUCTS INC:
• Anchor bolts - extended connections with handle
• Carriage bolts - domed top with square under head
• Hex bolts - hex head of various materials
• Hex tap bolts - trimmed hex head with no flange
• Lag bolts - screw like pointed end
• Machine bolts - fine or coarse threads
• Metric bolts - available in Hex/Standard/Flange type
• Shoulder bolts - allow slide or pivot
• Square neck bolts - square or domed top with square under head

No matter what bolt type you require please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-423-6503 or email
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