Anchor Bolts
Anchor bolts
Extended connections with handle.
ANCHOR BOLTS are mainly used in masonry construction. Anchor bolts are embedded in walls and columns to help support beams, plates, and ledgers. Anchor bolts can be used for both load and non-load bearing walls and beams.

Anchor bolts are usually used with not less than ½" diameter steel bolts embedded a minimum of 7" into the masonry. Renovation of existing masonry structures usually require anchor bolts to connect stairs, elevator tracks and many other various frame assemblies.

Anchor bolts are also used in prefabricated panel construction. In this type on construction, anchor bolts are used to connect structural frames together. This is only a fraction of possible uses for anchor bolts.

With the amount of new construction happening around the world the use of anchor bolts will likely increase with the new, innovative designs. Anchor bolts are made from a variety of types and grades of steel to suffice for the abundance of applications Anchor bolts are used. Below are just a few of the common bolt types.