Tubular-Type Speed Clips

Tubular-Type Speed Clips

Tubular-Type Speed Clips team up with unthreaded studs or rivets to virtually "nail" assemblies together. Hand-snapped into punched or molded holes in metal, plastic or wood, they retain themselves in stud-receiving position. The mating panel is positioned with mounting studs properly aligned and pressed home to complete the assembly. Tubular-Type Speed Clips are ideal for making fast, practical attachments where only one side of an assembly is accessible...perfect for attaching name plates, instruction plates, grille work and decorative trim, knobs, insulationdust shields and other lightweight equipment.

How to apply Tubular-Type Speed Clip Fasteners

Insert the Speed Clip into the panel hole causing spring arms to compress. When fully seated, the spring arms snap out behind the panel to hold the clip in position.

Line up the mating panel and start rivet or stud into Speed Clip.

Seat rivet, causing it to engage turn-in end of Speed Clip, locking assembly. A round stud end is recommended for greater ease of assembly.