Palnut® Pushnut® Auto Feed

Optimum performance depends on adherence to these stud, rod or wire specifications:
  1. Material may be mild steel, aluminum, zince or other malleable metals.
  2. Surface hardness must not exceed Rockwell 30T 78.
  3. Recommended diameter tolerance +.08 -.05.
  4. Ends must be free of distortion or burrs. Chamfer 0.8 x 45¹ for easier assembly.
  5. Nickel, chromium or other hard finishes on steel are not recommended.
  6. Nickel-chromium plating on die cast studs must not exceed .08 thickness.

The dimensions listed are envelope dimensions only. For complete design information, contact us.

  Part Number Stud/Rod
Diameter (In.)
Inside Tooth
Diameter (In.)
Holding Push-On
Strength Force (Lbs.)
  PN125007 .125 .112 .118 .011 .009 130 15
  PN156007 .156 .137 .143 .0